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My background is that I am an attorney, a Certified Public Accountant, and an Enrolled Agent. As far as I know, I am the only one in the world with all three of those credentials. I formerly was in the IRS for 11 years as an Auditor, Revenue Agent and Appeals Officer. I am admitted to practice before the Internal Revenue Service and the United States Tax Court. During my years with the IRS I learned as much as I could about the tax system. My team of former IRS professionals and I, stand ready to use our knowledge in every way possible to defend you and your family from the burden of IRS action.

Here are some useful Tax Strategies:

Offer in Compromise:

The IRS has recently made it easier to eliminate taxes through an offer in compromise. If done properly it is possible to pay only pennies on the dollar. Your percentage is based on a formula depending on factors such as income, assets, expenses, debts, health and dependents. For those with high assets and/or income it is possible to qualify through a little known "special circumstances" offer. If you are approaching retirement age or have health of other issues it is possible to keep most of your assets while settling the tax for a small amount. We have successfully done hundreds of offers in compromise.

Statutes of Limitation:

Few people know that there is a statute of limitation on taxes. Believe it or not, your taxes can disappear if the statute has expired. There are various factors that can lengthen or shorten the statute. Contact us and ask for a free "Statute of Limitation Analysis."

Wage Levy - "Garnishment":

The IRS has the power to collect taxes by taking money from your paycheck. They can take most of your paycheck and leave very little for you to live on. A wage levy can often be prevented or lifted through proper negotiations with the IRS We have quickly released hundreds of wage levies.

Bank Account Levy:

This is the IRS's favorite way of enforcing collection. They simply take whatever money you have in you bank account. Their methods of discovering accounts are very sophisticated and they work by surprise. Bank account levies can sometimes be released or prevented through discussions with the IRS


It is a myth that IRS income taxes can never be eliminated through bankruptcy. If certain waiting periods and other conditions are met, income taxes can be completely discharged in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Many people successfully do this even though friends and uninformed lawyers tell them that it is impossible.

Installment Plans:

Installment payments plans are not always granted by the IRS, but are possible. My firm has obtained installment plans which enable clients to live in peace while paying the IRS only what they can reasonably afford. An installment plan does not prevent a later bankruptcy.

Payroll Taxes:

If you owe payroll taxes from business, special handling is required. The IRS may try to close the business. Beware of signing a "Consent to Enter." The IRS can padlock the business immediately after you sign! If you were involved in a corporation, we would like to discuss with you the ways of dealing with the "Trust Fund Recovery Penalty".

Unfiled Returns:

You are not alone. My firm has successfully handled cases of individuals who have not filed returns for ten years or more. We can prepare returns and deal with IRS personnel.

Audits and Appeals:

If you are involved in an audit you should not give up at the lowest level. The IRS Appeals Division is available to settle cases, often giving you a much better deal than the original auditor. The Appeals Division even has the power to allow deductions without receipts!

Attorney Client Privilege:

When you call our office you are immediately protected by the laws of attorney-client confidentiality. Beware of dealing with firms which are not law firms. There is no confidentiality law protecting you when you deal with a non-law firm. The IRS can force those persons to become witnesses against you.

Final Words:

There is so much more than we would like to tell you which would help. We can represent your before the IRS or the State, often without your being required to appear. If you don't already have an appointment you can call for a free consultation: (310) 387-3748


William H. Rosenberg